A Visit to Hasegawa Sake Brewery: A Sake Bar Inside Tokyo Station

Hasegawa sake Brewery at Tokyo Station

Hello! This is Toshi.

This time, I’d like to introduce a standing sake bar in Tokyo Station where you can easily enjoy Japanese sake.

The bar’s name is “Hasegawa Sake Brewery.”

It’s located within Tokyo Station (you don’t have to exit the ticket gates), on the B1 floor of an area called “Gransta Tokyo”.

Getting to this location can be difficult even for Japanese people who aren’t familiar with Tokyo Station, so it’s most efficient to ask station staff for directions.

You can reach the B1 floor of Gransta Tokyo by taking the escalator down.

The cedar ball inside the bar serves as a landmark.

The bar only has counter seating, with room for 14 people.

You tell the staff the number of people in your party before entering the shop.

The ordering system involves scanning a QR code written on paper, which allows you to place your order via the web on your smartphone.

The information is written in Japanese, so if you can’t translate it into English well, it’s a good idea to tell the staff your preferences and order that way.

The “Kamokinshu” I ordered this time is an undiluted sake, with a slight carbonation and a peach-flavored taste, just to my liking.

By the way, you shouldn’t touch the sake bottles on your own. If you want to take a picture, please make sure to ask the staff.

For a snack, I ordered cheese. I recommend asking the staff for their recommended snacks that pair well with the sake.

Next to the Hasegawa Sake Brewery bar, they actually sell sake, and in some cases, you can buy the sake you enjoyed at the bar.

By the way, although it’s hard to see in this photo, it’s also the world’s first sake brewery inside a train station, where they actually make sake right next to the bar. The production line wasn’t running on this day because it was a Sunday, but it might be running on weekdays.

This time, I introduced a standing bar located inside Tokyo Station.
When you stop by Tokyo Station, by all means, enjoy some Japanese sake.


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